Wednesday, December 23, 2009

lego paper punch from muji

here's a little example of what can be done with the excellent lego paper punch from muji,da-ta! it comes with a template for perfectly sized and aligned lego scale circles, which you can then easily punch out precisely with the punch, which is classic muji simplicity plus quality.
the lego sets come with some 1 dot legos, which are perfect for this kind of project (the same reindeer shape from yesterday's post, which i copied from the lego christmas set).
or this one, which i just made up. but the point is, this is a really fun toy to use!
it's really satisfing to punch the holes and then have the legos fit just right. and i can only imagine that for a real lego fan, it would be even more amazing.
here's the template in action.
here's what the punch looks like from below, which is clear so you can see exactly where you are punching.
this side of the box shows the steps: draw, punch, lego!
and this side shows the exact dimensions of the hole punched.

i've added the punch to my etsy shop; right now it seems like the punches are available, but the paper and lego sets are limited in supply, since they have been very popular here in japan for christmas.

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