Sunday, December 06, 2009

stamps shop update

these are the newest addition to the rubber stamp section in my shop, they come in a little tin,
and several different sets,
although all 3 have a delicate french feeling.
also there are christmas stamps!
and snowflakes,
and doves, which are duet stamps, which means that they are a set with one stamp making the outline, and another stamp to fill in the color within the outline.

i also love these little cooking theme stamps,

and ok, the baby animals are maybe the cutest!
these set of lace patterns are the ones i've been using to print on the cards i send out with my orders, i've been printing them with white ink on brown kraft paper.
there's also a lace stamp in the anique set of the matchbox set series.
and these hobby stamps are back in stock,
along with the popular park set,
and the downtown victorian houses! they are all in the shop for now.

1 comment:

teddybearswednesday said...

these are gorgeous! Love them. Especially those baby animals and the Xmas ones too.