Tuesday, August 24, 2010


photo by syko on flickr.

i wish i was sewing. but my super busy schedule is set to continue for another month. so if it gets a little more quiet around here, you can be assured i will be popping in and out, if sporadically for a bit.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


in the last 7 days, i have seen so many interesting buildings and places, heard many stories, met many people who speak many different languages, and been inspired and left with lots to think about.

the first part of the week i took part in a summer school in kyoto. i saw the traditional daimonji (giant fires that are lit in the shape of symbols or characters) for the first time. this photo is the main fire in the shape of the character that means 'large.'

Sunday, August 15, 2010

new pottery

a few months ago i started taking a pottery class, which i love. the teacher is great, and she has a tiny studio/shop/classroom which happens to be on my block! today i threw a few pots on the wheel for the first time in years, and although i am very much out of practice, it was wonderful.
and, i got my first finished piece back, this plate.

Monday, August 09, 2010

july 4th sunday kamigamo shrine market

here's a few photos from last month's 4th sunday market at kamigamo shrine. these sweet litte cases are for holding a hanko (japanese name stamp-which is used instead of official signatures).

original characters in festival (right) or swimming (left) garb.

one of my favorite things about this market is the setting--kamigamo shrine is next to some lovely natural surroundings, and the craft market winds around through the trees and near the stream. i've added this photos to my kamigamo market flickr set.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

strawberry seersucker

i love this fabric--it has such a vintage feeling, and a wonderful texture, of big seersucker puckers for cool cotton summer clothes. i think it would make a perfect sundress for a little girl. or maybe a cute top for a grown-up. like me, perhaps. i love both the lime green and the bright blues. after eying it for months, it's finally been added to the shop.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

felt lanterns from papaververt

these gorgeous lanterns were made by papaververt, who makes a lovely array of modern felt vessels that you may have seen before. via poppytalk.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

new toys, and felt ipad sleeve

last month, i got an ipad. it's wonderful and i love it. here's the case i made in about 15 minutes from a large piece of thick craft felt (3mm thick, polyester).
and....here's my sewing machine! i was going to show off this new toy with my first completed sewing project....which isn't finished yet. so here it is with the ipad sleeve. coincidentally they are the same color. i also love this machine, and desperately wish i had more free time to use it.
here's how i made the sleeve. cut a piece of felt just a little bit wider than the ipad. and long enough that it wraps around 2.5 times. pin the edges. sew 2 seams on the edges.
here's what it looks like finished.
with the left over felt, i made the extra double pocket pouch. very quick, i and i think i will make an improved version once i have all vital accessories.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

happy swiss independance day

august 1st is swiss independence day. this photo is from flickr user syko and i love it because we had these same wooden cows growing up. we have wonderful swiss family friends, and i am very sure that visiting their house as a child inspired my love of architecture and design. in honor of swiss independence day, here are a few swiss-themed goodies from etsy.

Swiss Alps with Red Poppies Landscape, Valais, Switzerland
photo from dewberry777

ARTWORK. Up in the Air Series. ZRH. Zurich-Kloten Airport, Switzerland. Wooden Block MapArt
map and zurich airport code inspired art from apfelstrudel

Matterhorn - Switzerland Shaped Earrings made from Argentium Sterling Silver
switzerland earrings from love4rocks

Grew-tsi key ring
keyrings from joosweetie

Brighter than the sun.
swiss stamp earrings from ergane

Vintage Swiss Postage Stamp Necklace. Helvetia Cowboy. Handcrafted by Juanitas on Etsy.
swiss postage stamp necklace by juanitas