Saturday, December 27, 2008

happy winter

happy holidays and happy winter to everyone!

i took these photos last week at the beginning of our epic snow storm in seattle.

this is what my street looked like.

after a busy december, it's wonderful to see visiting friends and family and relax at a slightly slower pace. yummy food and a little bit of craft time, even. i hope to back to more regular blogging after the new year, and i hope that where ever you are, you are also enjoying some winter coziness!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

shopping local in the pacific northwest

i'd like to share a few of my favorite finds from the urban craft uprising in seattle last weekend. the pear print moleskin cover with the pencil pocket is from the genius that is chikabird, in collaboration with slow loris (whose shirts i love), now located on guemes island washington. that's an image of their gasworks park design below.
be sure to check out the slow loris shirts, i am pretty sure you will love them.also spotted: these wonderful ormanents made from vintage wallpaper available from ladies and gentlemen, a new vintage store by jane from chikabird.

from portland, the beautiful ceramic work of leah nobilette. the colors are wonderful,
and the texture is stunning.

and more pretty portland art from twosarahs, printmaker.

and finally a bit more from some neighbors to the north, bellingham that is. spincycle yarns spins and dyes all their own yarns, and if you get a chance to see them in person, their yarns are spectacular.

Monday, December 01, 2008

holiday felt stocking ornaments

i'm loving these wee holiday stocking ornaments in a group. they are in my shop, available as a single ornament or in a set of 3.