Saturday, January 01, 2011

a new year and a move

the lovely eco-friendly moving announcement is from spotted sparrow.

happy new year! i hope you are excited to start 2011. i know i am. and...i'm moving! actually, i'm just moving my blog, over to where it will be here: i will keep blogging over there, as well as hopefully make some progress on my other other little plans and dreams for that site. i'll leave this blog here as an archive.

but i feel a little sad to be moving on from blogger. it's like that final step in the moving process where your friends have alreay helped you carry all your boxes, and you are left in an echo-y empty apartment with just a broom to clean up the last dust bunnies.

thank you so much for reading what i've written here, and your comments. and i really do hope that you will come join me over in my new blogging home, stop by anytime!