Sunday, December 06, 2009

holiday fabric find: hoshii saaaa saa

i found this wonderful fabric at a little fabric store near my house. it's from the nani iro 2008 collection, called hoshii saaaa saa, and long sold out at most larger fabric shops or the nani iro website.

there's a bit in the shop, and there are also a few meters with the same gold star pattern on a cream background with brown. let me know if you would like some!

i'm going to be saving some of this one for myself, although i am not sure yet what i want to use it for...double gauze would be perfect for kids pjs or a baby hat...i love the pattern for a tree skirt, or a soft sewn ornament...or maybe some holiday potholders with some sashiko stitching like this...or a tea cozy? what do you think? it's just so soft and cozy and festive all at once!

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