Thursday, December 17, 2009

lego and muji

here's a sneak peek of the new lego sets from muji, which are a brilliant combination of paper and legos. the sets include lego blocks, and paper patterns that you can cut out and use as is, and more paper that is pre-punched to fit the lego blocks.
the standard set
includes paper dolls,
and this wonderful dragon. at the top of this picture is the special punch (sold separately, and on back order right now) that includes a template and is easy to see exactly where you are punching, and of course the holes are the exact size to fit legos!

there are these animals and caterpillers's what's included in the christmas set: legos, and pattern paper, and plain paper.
these little card stands are clever.
and these christmas patterns are what i want to try this weekend!

i'm planning to have these in the shop soon, but if you want more info or to get on the pre-order list, just let me know at the punches are on back order since they've been very popular here for christmas, but i should have a few this weekend, which can ship by EMS in time for chistmas.

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