Sunday, December 13, 2009

chirimen food and book

here are some chirimen crafts from the arashiyama chirimen museum in kyoto..
including sushi,
and even a christmas themed display!

the short explanation of chirimen is that it is a traditional woven fabric, fine silk that because of the weaving technique used is created with little wrinkles in the fabric, that give it a distinctive texture. and now, it has become popular to use scraps of this fabric (originally designed for kimono) to make little craft creations.

i've just added this great chirimen craft book to the shop, and made a flickr set here for all the photos.
it's a great book, with some amazing and detailed projects,
and some whimsy, like this grandpa cat grilling fish.
and a great collection of zodiac animals (2o10 the year of the tiger or tora 寅 (とら) is right around the corner!

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Gene said...

This is the cutest! I love the different kinds of veggies and sushi. Gosh! I can't imagine how it would be like when I have these when I was younger. It would have probably changed my life, LOL!