Tuesday, April 07, 2009

portland recap part 2: craft museum!

i got to see this exhibit that i missed last time. unfortunately the handmade nation screening was completely sold out before we could get tickets, but the crochet-a-thon with mandy was awesome!

mandy greer's new project is called mater matrix mother and medium. it will be installed in seattle's urban forest and will also include a performance by zoe scofield.
here's a photo from the project website. it's all about water, and so the work will incorporate shades of blue fabric and yarn. for the crochet-a-thon, everyone joined in to create some blue crocheted elements that will be incorporated into the final piece. it's a wonderful art creation process, that involves people coming together to create, and maybe to learn a new craft. beginning crochet lends itself especially well to this kind of free form art, as there are no 'mistakes.' i am a complete beginner at crochet, but now i am really curious to try more.


Anonymous said...

Hey felt-cafe!

So nice to meet you and thanks for helping, and posting about the project! Keep crocheting!


liz said...

thanks mandy! it was really great to take part, i will definitely keep crocheting and i can't wait to see your finished project!

Anonymous said...

oh! I was at the Saturday showing of that but didn't know about the crochet along and was so sad i missed that. I live way over in SE and there was no way i could get home, get my yarn and hooks and make it back in time. Glad you got to help out! :)

Anonymous said...

i could have spent hours just looking at her installation too. so amazing. it's things like that that make me want to go back to school and do fiber arts, then i remember the price of school. :) Maybe i'll just do my own installations in my house. :)