Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i'm in japan!

it was a long trip, but i made it. after my connecting flight was delayed 4 hours (!) in san francisco, the flight itself was rather pleasant. and i have to say, i think i interacted with the nicest and most helpful united employees ever throughout the day. of course, the fact that the plane was less than half full helped a lot, as i had a row of 3 seats by the window to stretch out it.
i brought a stack of magazines after i realized that i would be flying during the day, and sleep might not be an option if the movie selection was lacking. (it was, but i watched 2 anyway). one magazine i splurged on was selvedge, a gorgeous textile publication from the UK.
it was totally worth it, and i want to share a few finds from it's pages later this week. but for now, here's the lovely easter craft spread from this issue and from their website.

and now for the jet lag update: i woke up after 5 am, which is infinitely preferable to a few sleepless hours between 2-4 am, in my opinion. today i'm off to the handmade market in kyoto!

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Unknown said...

yay, i'm glad you had a good flight experience ;) have fun at the market!!