Thursday, April 02, 2009

going to japan fabric sale, part 2

i have several pieces of this lovely plum pattern on silky crepe. if you are interested in any of these fabrics, please email me directly.
3 pieces are 13" by 19", $10 each plus actual shipping; 2 smaller pieces that are 7" by 17", $5 each. all 5 pieces, $25.

orange crepe, 12 inches by 22 inches, $10 plus actual shipping cost.

these 2 images are of one long piece of crepe fabric, made up of 2 pieces with the fan design and 1 piece of the flower design with the grey background sewn between them, 48" x 14" total. $10 plus actual shipping cost.

a mixed pack of rayon chirimen crepe fabrics that i never opened! 7 pieces of fabric with different patterns, 23 cm by 30 cm each. $25 plus actual shipping cost.

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florcita said...

OMG! The orange and brown fabrics are to die for!
I need to get my converter out... have no clue how much 16" is...