Monday, April 06, 2009

portland recap part 1: food

first stop: broder cafe on clinton street. this wonderful scandinavian restaurant does it right, from the proper brunch (above),

to delicious hash with trout.

the menu also has swedish meatballs and aebleskiver, the tiny scandinavian pancakes. i am willing to bet they are both excellent. clinton street was an old hangout when i lived in southeast portland, and it's nice to see that dots (ohh, the late night cheesy fries and velvet paintings) and clinton street video (i spent many nights picking movies from their small but excellent collection, back when we rented VHS tapes) are still around, and also cool new places like broder.

i also had the pleasure of introducing my friends to an old favorite, nicholas lebanese restaurant. this is the food to which i compare all other lebanese and middle eastern food, and it's hard to beat. i would have photos, but we were too busy stuffing our faces with pieces of the gigantic homemade pita bread straight from the oven, with all the tasty treats that come in the mezze combination. heaven.


Anonymous said...

oh so glad you found broder! that place is amazing! boy did you come here on the right spring weekend!

liz said...

me too! it worked out perfectly, as i had wanted to go there, but forgot to look up the information before i left, and then our friend who lives nearby suggested it. and yes, the weather was glorious!