Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy summer solstice

in my family, we didn't put a lot of emphasis on mother's or father's day, especially because my dad's birthday is june 21st, which is always close to father's day, and summer solstice to boot.

most years we had cake with strawberries for my dad's birthday, since strawberries were always in season. the strawberries in my kyoto veranda garden aren't doing that great (i'm learning a lot about how do be better next time!), so here's a link for the adorable knit strawberries above from kathryn ivy.

my dad has always supported anything i wanted to do, and is probably responsible for my wanderlust and my love of travel. he's a teacher, and a translator, and while i was growing up, he had a hobby business binding books by hand. now that i think of it, the different activities that i'm doing in my life right now (graduate school, research, studying a foreign language, running a small business on the side) are not that different from what he has done. yesterday he put up with the technology that is skype (he's not a technophobe, but a little bit of a techno-impatient) and we chatted. happy birthday papa!

i hope all the dads out there had a nice father's day, and everyone had a happy solstice.

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