Monday, June 14, 2010

antique market at toji temple

toji temple in kyoto (not far from the kyoto train station) is the site of a huge market once a month, and also a smaller antique market on the 1st sunday of the month. in june, i made it to the 1st sunday market for the 1st time. as expected, it was quite a bit smaller than the main market, actually very peaceful. flickr set here.
the lotus pond at toji.


Beatriz Uve. said...

I went to tenjin market last month when I went to Kyoto. It was my first time in Japan and I have to say that the advices in your website where very useful.
thank you!!!
If you ever come to Spain and you need any information, just ask!

liz said...

thanks bea! I'm so glad you thought my site was useful!

Kathryn said...

This looks really cool, I'm going to visit Kyoto this Fall and hope this market is happening then! Thanks for the info! :)