Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lego and paper sets are back

after a few months, the wonderful lego and paper sets from muji are back in my shop. shown here: the lego punch; the fairy tale set (little red riding hood); the original set (dragon); and the bright colors set. i've posted before about the bright colors set; the lego paper punch; and the orginal and christmas sets.

and for lego enthusiasts, i've also stocked this fun lego theme fabric.


WhimWham said...

The picture of the Lego Fabric looks like it's moving when I page scroll down because of the angle of the photo. Trippy! =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz,
I have nominated you for a sunshine blog award. Please dont feel you have to do anything with it as they are great fun, but can take up lots of time.
Should you wish to..
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Campbell or @FELTit or Designs by Anna said...

THANK YOU! We received our package from Japan yesterday, and my hubby and youngest are very excited for the potential of many accessories, monsters, etc. that they will be able to fashion with the template and paper punch.


Ms Bird said...

I posted earlier musing about the Kamigamo market on Sunday (I still have no further info on that for you or for me), but as a fellow Muji devotee and Kyoto (temporary) resident I'm fascinated by where you found the very wonderful Muji/Lego items. I've been making regular pilgrimages to the Kyoto BAL store for all manner of wonderful presents but have never come across these. Were they only released for a limited time, or did you need to trek to the larger stores in Osaka to find them? Would so much appreciate any leads you can give me.
By the way, will you have a stall at the Chion-ji market June 15? Would love to come by to buy a few items from your stall.

liz said...

as of may 2010, the lego products were only available in the kansai area at the big muji store in namba, although other stores should be able to order them for you.

Ms Bird said...

Thanks Liz
I had been contemplating if it was worth making an excursion to one of the big Muji stores. Now I have my excuse. Thanks again, Kathryn

PS - Keibunsha books in Ichijoji warrants a plug as a craft bookstore, not sure if you've done this elsewhere in your blog. The craft books section is within Keibunsha's lovely annex store of craft items. The annex on the other side of the books section is a lovely place to buy EXCELLENT stationery. Also, I was surprised to find that Alphabet on Kitaoji has a smallish but very beautiful stationery section with some things I hadn't seen elsewhere.
And of course the numerous wonderful stationery stores on Teramachi north of Nijo, where one can spend a good few hours. These are the best places for paper that I've found, as well as the paper shop that's a part of the Museum of Kyoto historical shopping precinct.
I wonder what your favourite Kyoto stationery stores are?