Wednesday, March 10, 2010

february kamigamo jinja handmade market-part 1 tiny things

the 4th sunday handmade market at kamigamo jinja is my favorite handmade market in kyoto. and it's getting bigger, as you can see by the increase in signs, and their location right by the main gate.
when i was looking through my photos, i noticed a theme of tiny things emerging, including these miniatures,
rubber stamps on little wooden handles
little ceramics

and more little ceramics
little beeswax candles (the apple came home with me, i couldn't resist!)

and a tiny version of the royal couple from japanese hina matsuri girls day holiday--depicted in cookie form!


Kate said...

Thank you sharing! That stuff is awesome. That cookie, whoa! It could never be eaten.

WhimWham said...

Thanks for sharing. I feel like I got to go with you!
I love the rubber stamps and the ceramic hippo. Cute stuff!

prettyshake said...

Wonderful photos of the craft markets of Kamigamo and Chion-ji - I was at both of those and in my reckoning they're the most wonderful craft markets in the world. Not just for the items, but for the lovely encounters with the stallholders, who are so delightful and friendly and love that you love their work. I have one more opportunity to attend the Kamigamo market this Sunday before I leave Japan. But I cannot find out whether it's actually on this Sunday, 28th of May, or whether the April one was the last of the year. Do you happen to know? Kamigamo is a fair trip from my Kyoto machiya to take on spec. Many thanks.

Ms Bird said...

Whoops x 2.
I just posted the previous question under my prettyshake identity and see that my email address for response doesn't come up that way.
I realize that the date of the Kamigamo market for May 2010 is not the 28th, it's the 30th.
Thanks again.

liz said...

I could be wrong, but I think the market goes all year. please let me know if you have info to the contrary!

Ms Bird said...

On the Japanese site that another blogger linked to - I don't read Japanese so I couldn't read it - they only listed dates up till April. I can't remember where I found this link now, but I'm sure it's searchable via google. It's possible that because the post was done many months back they were just outlining the next few markets.
It wasn't listed in the Kyoto Visitors Guide for this month either, but that guide can be very flaky. I thought you might have your stall there so I'd check with you.
Anyway, I suppose I will be going on spec! Love your site.

liz said...

oh, i am not a vendor at any of the handmade markets in kyoto! i'm just a visitor and shopper!