Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

here's the pumpkin i carved last week. i love the crafty and creative aspects of this holiday. last year i was in japan, and i organized a pumpkin carving party for my adult english conversation students, most of whom had never carved a pumpkin. for some reason (ok, because they don't really celebrate halloween, at least not the pumpkin carving part) orange pumpkins are scarce and expensive in japan. you can buy them from foreign import food stores for 25-30 dollars! so we experimented. i carved a japanese pumpkin, or kabucha. those are HARD to cut. but they make a yummy pumpkin pie. which brings me back to the photo of jack up there, waiting in the fridge. i baked him at 350 degrees for an hour, and then made him into pie. and it was tasty.

now i must walk away from the internets, and work on my halloween costume.


Mariana said...

great pumpkin!!
Here in The NEtherlands pumpkins are nowhere to be found. Im argentinean and loooooove pumpkins which you can buy over there all over the place. Not here... rarely find one, and they are all super small!

liz said...

i understand how you feel! last year i also experimented with other vegetables–even a potato can make a very cute little jack o lantern.