Thursday, October 16, 2008

the silvering path

tonight i saw an amazing performance, entitled the silvering path. it had dance, film, ninjas, a slug princess, and jaw-droppingly awesome fiber creations by mandy greer.

the film was by ian lucero and the star was dancer/choreographer/director and slug princess haruko nishimura, who is trained in butoh and co-founder of the degenerate art ensemble. it was dreamy and clever and fun.

and did i mention the wonderful fiber pieces, costumes and props? seriously good.

at free sheep foundation this weekend, fridays tickets are sold out, and they've added another show on sunday the 19th. get your tickets here.


Anonymous said...

hello, thanks for helping to spread the word! -Haruko Nishimura :)

liz said...

hi haruko,
thanks for the comment. it's my pleasure, you guys are awesome!