Thursday, May 03, 2007

no sweat apparel

since i finally got around to using my print gocco to print on fabric and felt, i sort of want to print on everything! back in college when i studied printmaking for a year, i loved everything about the process. i love the gocco too, of course, but the process is so different, it feels like its own media. anyway, now that i am always thinking about what i can print on, i started to look into what kind of blank clothing is available. american apparel has been very successful with their rhetoric of made-in-the-usa...but their founder is widely known to be a huge skeeze-ball, misogynist, union-breaker, and basically a big jerk.

a better option is no sweat apparel, who uses unionized labor to make all of their products. they have organic tees made in bethlehem, which also provides a rare source of labor for local residents. no organic onesies yet, but i received two (!) prompt and person responses to my web-based inquiry. they are an awesome company, support them if you have a chance!

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coyo said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I didn't know that about American Apparel. I've bookmarked No Sweat for future reference. ^_^