Sunday, May 20, 2007

andrea zittel

ever since i posted about the bueys bunnies, i've been thinking about my other felt hero, andrea zittel. she is a very cool young contemporary artist, and her work is very broad, often related to ideas of inhabitation.

she's done some lovely work with felt, as a very direct way to form clothing. to see more, you can go to her website, click on 'works' on the top, and A-Z Fiber Form Uniforms will take you to felt objects like the one above.

also, i learned about her new project, smockshop
from the site:

The a-z smockshop generates income for artists who’s work is either non-commercial, or not yet self sustaining. The smocks are designed by Andrea Zittel and produced by a group of smockers who reinterpret the design based on their own individual skill sets, tastes and interests. And of course as we craft the smocks we are also working on a "guide for better working".


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