Saturday, May 05, 2007

etsy is a drug, a wonderful drug

this is the best thing ever. from etsyian das kaninchen (which means the bunny, in german), the bueys bunny! i love it so much i can hardly stand it. for those of you without a dorky art major past like me, joseph bueys was an early conceptual/installation artist. he constructed a whole imagined narrative history for himself about crashing his airplane and being saved by being wrapped in fat and felt. which lead to his use of heavy felt in many of his works. so, he's sort of a felt hero, to me at least.
das kaninchen has made this bueys bunny in a clever comment on buey's performance piece 'how to explain pictures to a head hare,' and turns the inherent elitism of his ideas upside down as a crafted toy that can be drooled on.
she is one smart cookie. she also has fibonacci bunnies. sweet.


Camilla said...

Lovely! I think I might have to go look one of those out for myself. I just found your blog via a thread on etsy about gocco, think i'll stick around.

happytape! said...

i saw this and fell in love with it, too!

Catalina Alvarez said...

I love your blog!