Sunday, August 01, 2010

happy swiss independance day

august 1st is swiss independence day. this photo is from flickr user syko and i love it because we had these same wooden cows growing up. we have wonderful swiss family friends, and i am very sure that visiting their house as a child inspired my love of architecture and design. in honor of swiss independence day, here are a few swiss-themed goodies from etsy.

Swiss Alps with Red Poppies Landscape, Valais, Switzerland
photo from dewberry777

ARTWORK. Up in the Air Series. ZRH. Zurich-Kloten Airport, Switzerland. Wooden Block MapArt
map and zurich airport code inspired art from apfelstrudel

Matterhorn - Switzerland Shaped Earrings made from Argentium Sterling Silver
switzerland earrings from love4rocks

Grew-tsi key ring
keyrings from joosweetie

Brighter than the sun.
swiss stamp earrings from ergane

Vintage Swiss Postage Stamp Necklace. Helvetia Cowboy. Handcrafted by Juanitas on Etsy.
swiss postage stamp necklace by juanitas

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