Tuesday, August 24, 2010


photo by syko on flickr.

i wish i was sewing. but my super busy schedule is set to continue for another month. so if it gets a little more quiet around here, you can be assured i will be popping in and out, if sporadically for a bit.

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anastasia said...

i'm so silly sometimes; must stop looking at blogs when i'm sleepy or have too many windows open on the screen. anyways, i left a comment somewhere in your earlier posts yesterday about going to japan and for any cute fabric stores, and then today i clicked on the handy-dandy guide you have on the bar to the right. so, after this long winded explanation, the point -->sorry for the redundancy, you must forgive this momentary lapse in my eye-brain coordination!

oh, and thank you ever so much for the really informative and chock-full-of-photos guide!