Tuesday, August 03, 2010

new toys, and felt ipad sleeve

last month, i got an ipad. it's wonderful and i love it. here's the case i made in about 15 minutes from a large piece of thick craft felt (3mm thick, polyester).
and....here's my sewing machine! i was going to show off this new toy with my first completed sewing project....which isn't finished yet. so here it is with the ipad sleeve. coincidentally they are the same color. i also love this machine, and desperately wish i had more free time to use it.
here's how i made the sleeve. cut a piece of felt just a little bit wider than the ipad. and long enough that it wraps around 2.5 times. pin the edges. sew 2 seams on the edges.
here's what it looks like finished.
with the left over felt, i made the extra double pocket pouch. very quick, i and i think i will make an improved version once i have all vital accessories.

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Kathryn said...

congrats on the new sewing machine, it's a beauty! happy sewing! :)