Monday, November 09, 2009

getting (and staying) organized

are you a list maker? i sure am! i LOVE these little (9 by 14 cm) to do list notebooks from muji. so simple, so easy. i don't know about you, but as soon as i write down what i need to do on a list, i already feel a million times more organized. and then of course later you get the reward of checking things off!this is what the notebook looks like from the outside.

this is one of the drawings from the 2010 ed emberley make your world calendar, of a very orderly house. maybe it's my architecture background (ok, i know it is) but i love section drawings.
here's the cover of the calander. i really like the square format.

both the calander and the notebook are for sale in my new shop, at it's a shop i'm putting together for stationary and other design goods, from japan.

and this is a fabric calander, in my etsy shop. i like the japanese fabric calendars so much, they remind me of old fashioned tea towels.
my notebook and planner, from muji of course.


rabbit and the duck said...

I love Muji, I wish we had one in Australia, or could even get mail order! Actually, that could be dangerous, I'd probably order everything : )

katie :) said...

ooo...list notebook! excellent!