Tuesday, November 10, 2009

christmas and winter felt tutorials

i really did a lot of felting last year at christmas time! here's some of the photos in my holiday felt flickr set.

i wanted to share in one place a few tutorials i created around christmas last year; i thought i would bring them back if anyone wants to make some felt projects this winter. and by the way, did you notice that i put links to all the tutorials i've written on this blog? they are over there on the right, all the way at the top so that they are easy to find anytime!

felt candy canes-these are soooo easy, perfect for kids, beginners, parties.
little stocking ornaments-one step up from beginner, they include felting around a little resist (made of bubble wrap). this is actually the perfect project to try that, since it's small and manageable, and the final project doesn't have to fit anything exactly.

these are heart-shaped oven mitts-which also involve felting around a flat bubble wrap resist. when you are ready to try a little bit bigger project.
and a felt french press cozy-it uses a big flat piece of felt. so the felt making is simple, but again you are working at a little bit larger scale. and then you trim the felt piece and refelt the edges, so the goal is a piece of felt that is pretty uniform. you could also use commerical felt for this project.

some of these tutorials mention things that i don't have in my etsy shop right now, but if you want a custom order, it might be possible. the felt ball ornaments won't be available this year (i don't have a dryer to make the felt balls nice and smooth), but i'm planning on writing a tutorial for them, and trying some new needle felting ornament projects.

and, for anyone who likes felt, (i assume that's you, otherwise you would have stopped reading by now), you should visit the fabric blog true up, where this whole week, kim will be posting about wool felt. yay!


Laura said...

Those projects look so lovely together! I saw the candy canes last year but didn't get the supplies together in time to try. I'm ready this year!

riya manna said...
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Tania said...

Those oven mitts have stolen my heart! Just need to get uber talented on the felting front now!

MamaAngel said...

thanks for the tutorials! i'm bookmarking your blog.