Sunday, November 08, 2009

the good, the bad, and the googeous

special local soba noodles in niigata last month, served with a mushroom soup, and a rice ball made of wonderful niigata rice:good!
a bagel that i bought at the supermarket near my house: bad. it came with a little packet of a cream cheese like substance inside, and has directions for how long to heat it up in the microwave. i can't over emphasize how bad it was. and i knew, when i bought it that it was almost certainly going to be disappointing, but i went to the store hungry, and i really miss bagels. and my bagel standards are quite low, compared to, say, a new yorker.
an ice cream treat, with coffee flavored ice cream, topped with a layer of chocolate, nuts, and some kind of a praline-line bits: great! i was a little bit puzzled by the name googeous, or written underneath in phonetic japanese: goo-jya-su. perhaps a combination of the word gooey? gorgeous? delicious? i asked some of my students, and they said it probably meant good + something else. delicious, maybe. sadly, i couldn't find it at the convenience store the next time i went.

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