Tuesday, November 03, 2009

first crochet

recently, i've been feeling really inspired to try crochet. i am a complete, utter beginner, but i love the way that crochet can be structural, and how you can add to it, and how it lends itself to freeform creations. tawashi, sometimes called 'eco' tawashi, are dish scrubbies, made from acrylic and sometimes antibacterial yarn, and they've been popular in japan for a while now. their 'eco' nature comes from their ability to clean without soap (or with less soap), and also i would suggest because they last longer than sponges. so this little tawashi above is my first completed crochet project! and it actually does clean dishes really well, although i would definitely use a little soap for greasy pans.

i used this pattern from this book, natural tawashi, which has a great selection of tawashi.i'm working on the coffee cup one now.

i also tried a project from this book, which has a really nice variety of very simple and more complicated patterns. for me, it think it's going to be a book that i can work my way through as i (hopefully!) get better at crochet. and i think that done with acrylic yarn, the leaves on the cover would make a good scrubbie.
i also want to try to make some of these little baskets...and of course amigurumi is on the list!and slippers!

both of these books are now available in my shop.


Oficina4 said...

Gosh, even for a beginner you are good! Last time I went to Japan I bought the book with the leafs. But since I don't speak japanese it hasn't been easy. (my fabric crayons already arrived! thank you!)
Ana Ferreira (oficina4.blogspot.com)

LeeandLoren said...

I've noticed that many craft books from Japan have the scrubbie patterns. I was thinking the same thing as you, those would be a good way to learn and improve my crochet skills. Good luck, happy crocheting!

florcita said...

Pretty slippers!
Here in The Netherlands we also use stuff like your tawashis for showering. If it's anice cotton, you get a soft scrub along with cleaning! And then they just dry hanging from the shower...easy to wash too!

liz said...


ana, i'm glad you got your crayons, let me know if there's any way i can help you figure out the patterns in the leaf crochet book--i think i am getting a little better at understanding them, anyway!