Thursday, April 08, 2010


springtime in japan means cherry blossoms!
i haven't had time to post about all the crafty things i would like to recently, so for now here's a cherry tree in bloom. and i promise i will be back soon; i have lots more to share with you!


sharon said...

Hi Liz! I just found your etsy shop and blog, and wow...I am loving it! I ama jewelry and mixed media artist, and I recently tried needle felting, and I am still unsure about it! I am so impressed with your work, and I am drawn to your books, fabrics, stamps, and felting ideas....I like hearts. I love your photos here too, and what you did with your eggs! I will be back, I can't even remember how I found you! Hugs!

mizu designs said...

Gorgeous sakura blossoms!!!! Nothing quite like them, is there?