Tuesday, October 27, 2009

matroyshka crafting

i've posted about this fabric before, but finally found a few minutes to whip up a few little projects using it.
these were so quick to make! basically the same process as the wee stuffed animals i made last summer with ed emberley animal fabric (psst-which is in my shop now!) anyway, back to the dollies: put two right sides together, sew around the doll, leaving the bottom open. for this project, i used 2 dolls that are the same size for each. this fabric actually has 4 different sized dolls printed on it, in different colors. after sewing, trim seam allowance to 1/4 inch or 1/2 cm.
turn right side out and topstitch around the edge.
i did this project by hand, although of course you can use a sewing machine! if you do it by hand, i though that the top stitching made a little neater.
stuff, and sew the seam closed at the base of the doll.

i also tried a new project, a little wallet to hold my transit cards--i have 2 for the bus (one for kobe, one for kyoto) a train pass, and a prepaid card i use to pay for bicycle parking near the train station. and it's gotten to the point where it really helps me to keep this little collection out of my wallet where i can find them easily.
the wallet project was easy too, but i haven't written out directions yet...
i'm thinking about trying a similar design for all my point cards next...


florcita said...

the fabric is sooo cute! Lovely...
Hey, got new blog/website...alltogether. Clicky on the name!

fiona said...

hi hi, do u sell these fabrics with the big russian dolls? the grey and black one i saw from your etsy store are quite small. didn't see the big ones.

liz said...

hi fiona,
this fabric with the large dolls is no longer available, but there are other large matryoshka prints out there...i will add them to my shop soon.