Thursday, August 06, 2009


i discovered a number of things this week, including new fabric! who doesn't like robots?

there's a lot of cuteness in japan by way of scandinavia, a great trend i fully support.

i found this adorable print from the 'rabbits and racecars' series by heather ross for kokka,

and cotton canvas with baby goats. eeeek, so cute!! oh, and the fabric is finally all in my shop.

i discovered a complete post office inside a department store (kyoto takashimaya, 7th floor, along with other things you expect to find in japanese department stores, like a museum, a whole bunch of restaurants, etc.)

i also discovered that there is a bus from my street directly to one of the main shopping areas of kyoto, very close to my favorite shop (muji, of course!). this is a bit mysterious, because the bus doesn't show up on the tourist bus map i have, but i know it's real, since i've taken it several times (and i missed it this morning). i feel a bit like it's my own cat bus from the movie totoro–which is a bus that goes where you want to go, in my case either towards muji or towards my home, most often.


khrdy said...

Ohhh they are so lovely! I just adore the dancing foxes ^^. They seem to be so cudly :).

Bronwyn said...

Hello - are you able to get any more of Heather Ross' Rabbits and Racecars fabric - I am looking for the dancing animals in blue or green. Thanks so much!

liz said...

hi brownyn,
yes. i know i can get the blue, i'm not sure if i've seen the green. (the blue is really cute though.) i am however going to be leaving japan for a week, and then back for a week, and then gone for a month. so send me an email at feltcafeATgmailDOTcom to discuss details if you want!