Sunday, June 07, 2009

sewing some felt vegetables

this weekend i had a little time to work on an ongoing project, making some of the projects from this book that i blogged about before. if you want more info about the book, i have a flickr set here, and it's available in my etsy shop.
yesterday i made the tomato, and today i finished the garlic.
to join the shiitake mushroom, carrot, and green onion i'd finished earlier.

they are really fun projects, and pretty easy to figure out even though i can't read japanese. the patterns are very precise, and create some very realistic and cute veggies.
here's the daikon radish in process. eat your veggies!


LeeandLoren said...

I love that book! I have it too, and I'm really excited to start on some of them-unfortunatly, I have to finish some other projects so that I have room for those. My daughter is also looking forward to Mommy finishing her "food"

urban craft said...

love the veggies, working on my own collection of food for my little guy. Great stuff!