Monday, May 25, 2009

old boar and baby wild boar

old boar, originally uploaded by vriad_lee.

i discovered this spectacular needle felted boar by flickr user vriad lee via craft. more work by this artist can be seen here.

here's another photo of our local boar, and one of the new baby wild boars that's about a week old. it's a little hard to make out, the baby is in the lower left corner.


Lucy C said...

OMG! So cute. Is he for sale anywhere?

Drycha said...


great :)))

Adel said...

Great blog! I live in Taiwan and I also can't get enough of the amazing craft books that's available here, both from Japan and Taiwan.

liz said...

i'm not sure if the artist is currently selling this item, you might try contacted him directly through the link to his work or flickr.