Monday, March 16, 2009

mandy greer 'dare alla luce' at the museum of contemporary craft

i've been a huge fan of mandy greer ever since i saw and was blown away by the silvering path last year. which by the way is on the cover of the new issue of fiber arts.
one of the things i was most excited about seeing in portland was mandy greer's installation at the museum of contemporary craft. entitled 'dare alla luce,' it was originally commissioned for the bellevue art museum last year, but i missed it then, and have been waiting to see the portland installation. i was also really looking forward to my first visit to the museum of contemporary craft, which is an amazing addition to the pacific northwest art and craft scene.

unfortunately, on sunday when i tried to go with a few crafty pals, we found out too late that they have seasonal hours (=closed on sunday as well as monday through may!) boo.

perhaps this is an excuse to make another trip to portland in april, when the museum will be holding a screening of faythe levine's new documentary 'handmade nation' , a panel discussion, and also a crochet-a-long with mandy. yup. that sounds awesome.


Mandy Greer said...

Hi Liz
Thanks for the mention! Come in April! I went to the Handmade Nation premier in NYC and just had a ball with all the excitement and energy about the film and making for oneself in general. And come crochet with me!!

liz said...

thanks mandy! i really hope i can join you in april, i would love to crochet with you!