Thursday, January 15, 2009

vote TODAY on to save handmade!

have you been following the news about the c.p.s.i.a.? it stands for 'consumer products safety improvement act,' new legislation slated to go into effect on february 10th.

the idea behind the new law is to protect children from toxic products. but the way the law is currently written, even small and home based business who make all natural items in small batches for children would be forced to pay exorbitant testing fees to say in business legally.

the image above is from cool mom picks.

there is a lot of information available at

most importantly, today is the last day to vote at!!

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Anonymous said...

This is frankly outrageous. Everybody wants, of course, safety for their children. But the authorities should actually take in account how they will eliminate, with this law, a substantial amount of small businesses and decimate the crafty population. This will indeed have an impact on economy as well.
One wonders if they ever really think this things through or just fall prisoners of lobbyists.