Monday, November 10, 2008

photos from the open studio

there are the product of another fabulous collaboration i've been working on with isabelle from piano nobile, felted pillows! i make the felt front, and then she printed and quilted it, and sewed them into wonderful pillow covers. here's a photo of the studio, showing the beautiful lamps that were a collaboration of piano nobile and lit shades.
better view of laura yeats' beautiful wooden bowls.
some booties and hats all cozied up on one of laura's benches.
screen printed felt scarves on display.

all these photos are courtesy of piano nobile, and you can see a great slide show from the open studio at their site.

it was an amazing event, i am honored and inspired to be in such good company of artists and craftspeople. thank you to everyone who came by. for more information on any of the pieces, visit piano nobile.

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