Sunday, November 09, 2008

hand made baby gifts japanese craft book

i just listed this book in my etsy shop. it may be the cutest book yet of hand made craft projects that would be the perfect gift for a new baby.

"sweet baby, hand made gifts"
ISBN 978-4-07-246385-7 i love that it includes such a wide variety of projects and different kinds of crafts, from sewing, embroidery, applique, and handmade rubber stamps. you can more pictures on my flickr account, in the japanese craft book set, but here are just a few more.


Mariana said...

looks quite interesting...japanesse and all! :)

Pesonalized Baby Gifts said...
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Agata z magicznego atelier said...

Great :)
Hugs from Poland

Brooke said...

If you get another copy of this book I would really like it. Email me--thanks!


liz said...

hi brooke,
i should have a used copy on hand soon. i didn't see your email address, where should i contact you?
cheers, liz