Thursday, September 25, 2008

renegade roundup: textiles and fiber

first up, the work of k studio, above. beautiful spare line drawings on pillows. you can even customize your own family pillow by choosing from their selection of people and pets (scroll down from the options page.

original handmade bags from nam kim (ab0ve).

super soft and stretchy clothing from jo clothing.

custom made uk makes lots of adorableness, like the owl pouch above.

five trees creates all sorts of critters and monsters.

and fiber! this yarn is spun and dyed by vera videnovich. vera is a farmer, knitter, spinner, and fiber arts instructor in the chicago area. i remember seeing her spinning at renegade chicago 2 years ago before i got my wheel, and it was nice to see her again.
more handspun by betsy ply
and traveling rhinos who carries all sorts of goodness in the shop.

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