Wednesday, July 09, 2008

april in europe

after i returned to the states from japan, i quickly wrapped up and submitted my masters thesis. then, i took advantage of some frequent flier miles i'd saved up and visited some friends in europe. it was absolutely fantastic. i saw some art, some crafts, visited excellent cities and wonderful people that i hadn't seen for quite a while. it was all about relaxing, catching up with friends. and food and coffee of course! the photos above and below are both brunch plates from copenhagen, where brunch has been taken to new levels.

this is smorbrod, the danish open-faced sandwich. DE-licious.

rhubarb crumble at a natural foods cafe in london.
this is actually a cafe in london, but its name, fika, is the swedish (very key!) concept of a cozy coffee break.
veggies grilled in the backyard on a sunny sunday in belfast.
the dogs in a sunny patch in the house on the sea in scotland.

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alice said...

Wowo the food looks amazing! :)