Sunday, April 29, 2007

finished pottery!

on saturday, i went to pick up my pottery from the class i took earlier this year.
the teacher had fired and glazed everything, and it was the first time to see everything i had made together.this bowl is my favorite.
but i like these two wee cups too.


Anonymous said...

Oh! So beautiful!
My husband and I took a pottery class together and since then, nothing is more beautiful than handthrown pottery to me.
Love, fingertips, and the quirks of a small kiln! Cheers!

liz said...

thanks wendy:-)
there's something about working with clay that is just so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Great pottery! My sisters and I are going to Kyoto for vacation in October. We are hoping to take several of the 'classes' or 'experiences' to try our hands at pottery and indigo dying weaving etc. too, we're so excited! Since you live there, I hope I can trouble you with a couple of questions.

There are several mentioned on a webpage (
CategoryCode_005007.html). Many of them though have the statement 'reservation required' listed and also 'will ship the finished product to your home'. We are Japanese but we don't speak it (much) do you know if they let non-Japanese speaking tourists take them and if they will ship the items to the U.S.? Thanks,