Tuesday, February 27, 2007

more felt books

i've just added a few more felt books to my etsy shop.

1. ISBN 4-309-28073-0
small articles made of wool felt for baby

includes projects for handpuppets, a hat, rattle, bags, shoes, cushions, accessories, and more cute things. 23 projects total.
all written instructions are in japanese, but there are clear diagrams and step by step photos for the different kinds of projects, and lovely images of the finished works.
both needle and wet felting projects are included, some projects combine both techniques.
this is a good book for someone who already understands the basics of felting. if you know how to felt around a flat resist, the wet felting projects should be no problem.

2. ISBN #4-277-43072-4
simple zakka and bag of felt wool

the book includes many wet-felted projects like bags, coasters, and lots of decorative and functional items to use at home. the coasters include the application of needle-felting patterns. the unique combination of techniques in this book is the combination of felting and crochet, both with yarn and with raffia.
there are 23 different projects. althought the text is entirely in japanese, there are clear instruction diagrams and pictures, both for wet- and needle- felted projects and crochet additions.

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