Saturday, January 20, 2007

craft resources in kyoto

here's the kyoto art center from the outside (they don't allow any pictures inside).
this is a great store/gallery, actually a cooperative of over 40 artists/craftspeople. the displays are lovely, and there are an impressive range of crafts, including paper, ceramic, lacquer, wood, metal, fabric, cards, prints, etc.
most techniques and materials come from japanese craft traditions. however, the individual craftspeople's aesthetics and styles are clearly visible and create a very contemporary feel to the space.
there are lots of affordable items in the range of $5-20, as well as more expensive art objects.
here's my local wool shop in kyoto from the exterior. they sell a lovely variety of corriedale and merino rovings, as well as spinning, felting, and dying supplies and books, both in english and japanese.
hitsuji wool store homepage

displays outside the chirimen museum. chirimen fabric is traditionally used for japanese kimonos, but also to create a huge variety of tiny crafts.
and finally, here's a resource that lists lots of craft activities that you can try in the kyoto many crafts so little time!

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Justin said...

I love the facade of your local wool shop, its like a little cedar chest squished into a block of concrete