Thursday, June 04, 2009

nani iro fabric and sewing book

nani iro is a line of fabric created by the designer naomi ito for the japanese fabric company kokka. for the last few years, she has designed a new textile collection every year. you can see all the nani iro collections here. this fabric is from the 2009 nani iro textile collection. i love it.

i also finally got my hands on the nani iro book, which is full of lovely sewing projects using the nani iro fabrics. i am feeling very inspired to start sewing again...

there are also free patterns available for download from the nani iro site! it's in japanese, but if you go to this link you can click on any of the photo icons for patterns that were released with those collections. if you get lost on the site, just go back to the 'sewing' tab at the top of the page.

oh, this book and fabric are both available over in my etsy shop.


Wallace Fernandes said...


julia kirsten said...

I just found this nani iro book in nyc and fell in love with it! It's amazing and I can't wait to start sewing from it. Now if only I could afford some of the fabrics.... :)

misskitty1970 said...

OMG! I just bought this book and am so in love with it. I want to make one of the long dresses but I'm having a hard time identifying the pieces. Can you find all the pieces to pattern J. I found the skirt part of the dress but I can't find the bodice and the placket. I see another piece with a J on it that's laying over the skirt portion but it dosn't look like what the book shows in the instructions. Any ideas? Thanks so much if you can offer some help :)

mariana said...

hi misskitty1970,

I literally just finished making dress J yesterday, after unpicking my first attempt and getting it right on my second.

The skirt part of the dress piece seems to be correct. The bodice piece is slightly different to that shown in the illustration.. it doesn't seem to have the extra 10mm or so for the sleeve.. I adjusted it to suit and I couldn't find the placket [i'm guessing that's the neck band?] at all.. I made one up [approx. 7-8cm wide] following the slight angle line on the bodice. If you look at the illustration you'll see what I mean.

I hope that helps.. And if anyone knows any better, I'd love to know too! ;)

Jannese (misskitty1970) said...

Thank you Mariana I actually ended up doing the same thing as you I posted it on my blog including a diagram on solving the problem it took a couple of days of staring at the layout diagram to get it but I realize what the tiny numbers were implying a measurement to create your own pattern for the missing piece and the sleeve. Semi-finished dress
Pattern instructions