Monday, June 15, 2009

learning japanese bookmarks

i found these at my local bookstore. hiragana and katakana are the 2 phonetic writing systems in japanese. there is also kanji, which is a pictographic writing system from china. japanese is usually written with a combination of kanji and hiragana, and katakana is used for foreign loan words, names of plants or scary animals).

these bookmarks have all the hiragana/katakana characters, plus the pronunciation written in roman letters below. would you like 1 (or both)? i'll send them to your for free with any order from my shop, just leave a note!

while supplies last.


nifty thrifty said...

It's all Japanese to me I'm afraid LOL

formfireglassworks said...

Love those! Not only are they interesting, but the graphic look is great!

elisabetha said...

i love these designs!! guess i'm a tad too late to ask for one with my package... :(

Petaris said...

May I ask which store you bought those at and how much they were? I wouldn't mind picking a pair up when I'm next in Japan as I won't be that far away (My wife's family lives in Nara).

Thanks. :)

liz said...

i found them at junkudo in kobe. they are free at the cashier's counter, printed by a publishing company, kodansha (i think). they often have free bookmarks, and the designs change every so often.