Monday, March 09, 2009

william kentridge in seattle

william kentridge is one of my absolute most favorite artists of all times. from south africa, many of his artworks deal with issues of apartheid and capitalism.

he works in a variety of media, but what i find most striking is his video art, which he makes by drawing large charcoal sketches and altertering them by smudging out, erasing, redrawing, and layering. he then creates animation by photographing these drawing as he alters them. the results are stunning. he also make lovely shadow puppets.

the image above is from the henry art gallery, where an exhibit of his work is on display until may 3rd, 2009.

tonight i am going to see his performance, "I am not me, the horse is not mine:"
This performance, first presented by exhibiting artist William Kentridge at the Sydney Biennale in 2008, combines live performance, animation, narration, and a vocal and instrumental soundtrack. The work continues Kentridge’s investigation of the roots and trajectory of modernism, drawing on instances of censorship and brutal artistic repression from the Stalinist era of Russian history.
from the henry

i'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome!!


Betsey said...

Thanks for posting, Liz. Your felt slippers are adorable. How did you like the performance?
-Betsey (Henry Art Gallery)

liz said...

hi betsey,
thanks for the comment and the compliment! i loved the performance, and also the exhibit in the gallery.