Saturday, March 07, 2009

ricotta cheese recipe

someday i want to try this: homemade ricotta cheese, link via CRAFT. i haven't tried it yet; the photo is from the same source as the recipe: kat baro of a good appetite blog.

my mom went through a cheese making phase when i was little. i just remember slicing through the curd (?) midway through the process. and being fascinated by the texture, and process of slicing into even cubes both horizontally and vertically. strange, but i can't remember tasting the cheese at all.

anyway, this ricotta recipe looks very easy, and sounds yummy.


florcita said...

Funnily enough we are entering a cheese making phase at home. WE have a large vegetable patch and many fruit trees so we thought, next step... cheese. We just need room for sheep (and the I have endless wool supply).

Thanks for the link!

eleonor said...

Thanks for your link. I will try making ricotta in one of the next days.
And I like all the lovely things your are creating!
Best wishes from Austria

kat said...

Hi Liz, Glad you want to try the ricotta. I do have to ask though if you are going to use my photo in your post that you credit it to me.

liz said...

hi kat,
sure, i added your name to the link; let me know if that's not what you hand in mind.