Thursday, March 19, 2009

good business sense

i finally got around to buying and reading craft inc. by meg mateo ilasco. it's gotten a lot of rave reviews in the blogosphere, and rightly so. this book is an indispensable guide for any crafter thinking about running a business and valuable for whatever stage your business is at. i read it pretty much straight through, and plan to keep it nearby.

BAKERY is also a great new resource for today's crafty business owner. the women behind this new site have a wealth of experience in publishing and marketing, and their blog regularly offers concise tips that are smart and easy.

of course, the switchboards, founded in 2004 to support women in business, is the classic go-to resource for any question you might be having about running a small business.


rabbit and the duck said...

Oooo I didn't know such a book existed - I am going to try and track down a copy.

And how great is Bakery? I've been following their blog and they always have such good and practical advice.

Before you know it our craft businesses will be heading to global domination : )

liz said...

thanks for the comment. yup, i really can't recommend craft inc. enough! even for folks who have been doing this for a while; it really helped me clarify my own thinking.

up with the indie craft empire!