Friday, October 15, 2010

farmland carpet

earlier this month i returned from an all too quick trip back to the states. to be honest, i have had a hard time catching up since i've been back, but i am working on it, and slowly making progress.

these custom carpets were featured on CRAFT a while back now, and are actually made in a variety of custom designs: netherlands, africa, usa, and this one, which is called europe. but to me, and this may just be the midwestern holstien cows, it looks more like the colors of the american midwest. i always find it mesmerizing to look out of the airplane window and see the squares of fields, cut into a grid by county roads perhaps, usually a little house and outbuildings, surrounded by trees, and then fields filling up the rest of the square.

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laura burch said...

Nice to Meet you!
I'm so excited to have found your Flickr, blog and etsy sites! I love everything you've posted as I am also a big craft, felting person. I plan to spend tomorrow looking at the Japanese craft books you have to offer on Etsy and reading more of your blog. I know I will find inspiration in your crafty world!