Thursday, October 22, 2009

felt plus yarn crafting

i saw this project for felt mittens with knit cuffs on the purl bee a few weeks ago. i love the look of the combination of felt and knitting or crocheting, and this tutorial made me realize how easy it is to combine them!

the slippers on the left are felt, with knit cuffs, from this book, felt and fabric rendezvous, shown below:

and here's an example of crochet plus felt bottle covers, from this book, simple zakka and a bag of felt wool, show below:

felt and knit/crochet are such a great combo, because while felt is amazing in so many ways, knit and crochet are better for fit or places you need stretchiness.

and now that it has gotten colder (suddenly, it feels!), i'm scheming about knitting and crochet projects that i could do on the train. i especially want to try more crochet, at which i am a complete beginner. good thing there are lots of cute japanese craft books for inspiration!

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elena fiore said...

Hello, I included your creations on my blog. The you can see on
I hope you like it. Hello, Elena

Ps: many, many compliments !!!