Monday, October 05, 2009

bicycle riding and ice candy

last weekend, i took my new (old) bike out for it's first ride. it was glorious. here she is, it's she a beauty? her model name is D-X Lady. it's old, and heavy, with a bell, and a light with a generator, and a basket, and i love her.

here she is coming out of her stall in my building's bike parking garage. as you can see, there are 2 levels of bike parking, and you can't see in this photo but there are two rows. and this nifty tray that pulls out and becomes a ramp. clever.

this is my street. it's wide, with a divided sidewalk and crosswalks for pedestrians and bikes. (some of my best friends are urban planners).
here are all the bikes parked illegally in front of the kyoto train station.

and my new favorite treat: the morinaga chocolate ice bar. morinaga is a brand name. and in japan, they call ice cream bars 'ice candy' which at first i thought was kind of dumb, but now i think it makes sense. anyway, this one has a chocolate center, chocolate ice cream, and then a chocolate coating. hmm, perhaps i need one now.


LeeandLoren said...

After that description, send me one too! I love your bike! I saw but didn't buy a beautiful vintage red bike this summer, and now I regret it so much! Enjoy both!

elisabetha said...

your bike is beautiful! i've recently acquired a new-used bike too, but i miss my mama-chariot!

mizu designs said...

Love seeing pics of my other home :)